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Bridge Club News

By Joan Burrows
The RTO/ERO bridge club for District 34 meets each Monday from 1-4 pm at the McConachy Centre (Dining Room # 103) 10100 Yonge St. in Richmond Hill. (Parking at the rear of the building.) 
Members and their friends are invited to play on a drop-in basis at a cost of $2 for the afternoon.  We are a friendly group who are willing to learn and share new bidding techniques.  
Congratulations to the following for their negotiated bidding and play over the winter session:
Wilma Inkpen/Linda Karan (bid 6S - made 7!)
Bev Maister/Barney Matisko (bid 6NT - made 7!)
Wilma Inkpen/Peggy Paterson (bid 6H - made 7!)
Tim Paterson/Linda Karan (bid 6NT - made 7!)
Peggy Paterson/Linda Karan (6H)
Bev Maister/Bob Bell (6H)
Kathy Bunker/Marilyn Johnson (6S)
Tim Paterson/Linda Karan (6S)
Peggy Paterson/Tony Conte (bid 6NT - made 7!)
Kay Valentine/Bev Maister (bid 6NT - made 7!)
Kay Valentine/Tony Conte (6NT)
Marg Lawlor/Lorraine Oyama (6NT)
Tony Conte/Wilma Inkpen (6NT)
Mary Conte/Tim Paterson (6S)
Wilma Inkpen/Bev Maister (6S)

We hope to see new members out for our next winter round of bridge playing!

Dates and Time:  
Mondays from 1:00-4:00 pm

$2.00 when you play

District 34 RTO/ERO members are invited to play bridge on a drop-in basis on Mondays until the end of June from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the McConaghy Centre Dining Room, #103.

McConachy Centre (Dining Room # 103)
10100 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill
(West side of Yonge St. north of Major Mackenzie Dr.  Parking in rear  of the building.)