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President's Message

By Susan Phillips

The older I get the less I like winter and the more I look forward to Spring. If you are anything like me, you are probably anxious to get out in your garden or watch for the birds and butterflies return or invite family and friends over for a barbecue. This Spring, we have planned many events for you to enjoy, so please leave some time in your schedule to come out and participate in some of these activities. We have tried  to appeal to a variety of interests; from walks with Ann, lawn bowling and golf to social events such as Hava Java, bridge  and the AGO and Spring Luncheon. We also have planned informational and cultural events such as conversational French, plays, a historical walk and a gardening seminar. As a special treat, Jim Grieve, the Executive Director of RTO/ERO will be speaking to us briefly at our Spring Luncheon.

We have a few changes to our committee chairs. I would like to welcome Angela Stewart as our new Email Communications Rep. Thank you Angela for taking on this job. If you are not receiving email notifications to remind you of upcoming events and would like to, please contact Angela. I would also like to thank Shelagh Harris for all her work over the years in this position. It is greatly appreciated. Chris Prefontaine will be training with Grant Dale to become our next Newsletter Editor. We look forward to working with you, Chris. Kay Valentine will be replacing Dianne Palmer as Coordinator of Bridge. Thank you, Kay and Dianne. If you have any questions or ideas for activities you think our members might enjoy, please contact me or any member of our executive and I hope to see you out at some of our functions this Spring.



January 17, 2017  

On May 25 2 pm until 3 pm there ewill be a webinar from Best Doctors.




The Retired Teachers of Ontario/

les enseignantes et enseignants retraités de l’Ontario (RTO/ERO)



To:                   District Presidents, First Vice-Presidents
Cc:                  Provincial Executive, Provincial Office Staff
From:              Simon Leibovitz, Chief Administrative Officer
Re:                  Opportunity to Provide Input into Research on Aging

Following our Strategic Plan goals of improving the lives of members and seniors, and becoming a trusted voice, we are pleased to provide an opportunity for RTO/ERO to provide input into research being undertaken by the University of Waterloo.  Interested members and staff are encouraged to participate in a survey that examines the prevalence and associations of health and mobility in Canadians 45 and older.

The study is funded by the University of Waterloo International Research and Partnership Grant to examine the effects of health on mobility among Canadians.  The aim is to determine how health as well as physical, cognitive and social factors influence injury rates including driving and fall related accidents. Findings from this project will lead to program and service development that address the needs of Canadians as they age. Follow up studies will be done in five-year intervals to see how health, mobility, driving practices, the environment, activity levels and cognitive function have changed.  Comparing data every five years will result in greater understanding of health and mobility trends among an aging population. For additional insight, findings from this study will be compared to residents of France, who have completed the same survey.

The survey is completed through Survey Monkey. In order to participate, you must be age 45 or over.  There are 90 questions asking about your health, mobility, social demographic factors, driving, falls and a few questions on memory, sleepiness and distraction. The survey should take between 45 minutes to an hour to complete. You can stop, save, and return to the survey at any time if you cannot complete it all at once. The survey is available in both English and French.

The survey is completely confidential. Your name and any other identifying information will be removed from the database prior to analysis. You will be referred to only by an assigned study ID (or number). All findings from the study will be reported anonymously and secured on password-protected computers at the University of Waterloo. You are allowed to skip questions throughout the survey should you choose to do so or withdraw altogether by closing your web browser without submitting your responses.

For the English survey, please follow the link below: 

Pour l’enquête en Français, vous pouvez suivre le lien ci-dessous:


Thanks very much.