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Welcome to District 34

This is a website with information and events for members of RTO/ERO District 34.


The Provincial Election

The provincial body of RTO/ERO has published a statement entitled "We are 71,000 strong and we have influence." regarding the provincial election. Our district has placed the information into selected regional newspapers. To see a copy of the ad, click on the link below.

We are 71,000 Strong and We Have Influence


April 2014 Newsletter

The April, 2014 issue of the 34th Story is available now. Just click on the link.


In the most recent issue of The 34th Story, an error was made in the last paragraph on page 15, of the article by Don Attridge called Joy of Retirement. The correct email address for Don Attridge should read : . For more information about his article click on the address and send an email.

Are You Interested in Serving on the District 34 Executive?

By Chris Van Straten

The RTO/ERO District 34 executive is elected at the Annual Meeting, which is held prior to the Spring Luncheon. Nominations for Committee Representative are also accepted at the Annual Meeting and are later ratified by the Executive.  Please have a look at the list and consider getting involved.

Past President
First Vice President 
Second Vice President
Secretary Treasurer
Membership Co-ordinator 
Newsletter Editor/Web Master
Executive Member (2) 


Health Insurance
Membership Recruitment
Pension and Retirement
Political Action
Project Service to Others

The Executive meets one morning per month from September to June. If you are interested in further information, in nominating a member, or in putting your name forward for an executive position please contact Chris Van Straten.

or 705 291-0600)


Receiving the 34th Story

By Evelyn Lawrence

If you are currently enjoying this issue of the 34th Story on our web site, you may wish to
discontinue your mailed edition. Or, if your household receives two copies of each issue, you may wish to discontinue one of those.

If either of those conditions apply or for any other reason you don’t want a posted copy, please contact Evelyn Lawrence at: or at: 905-642-5435 so that your name can be removed from our mailing list. With printing and mailing costs increasing, we would prefer not to post unwanted copies.

If you have any other concerns regarding our mailing list please let Evelyn know. We realize that some copies may go astray after they leave our addressing service but we have no control over that.

We do our best to keep our lists current and up to date so that you can enjoy every issue of our fine newsletter. ■

Are You Receiving the Email Notices?

By Shelagh Harris

Are you missing something in your life - like “RTO District 34 GWF notice” reminders? Did you once receive these e-mail notices but no longer do?

As the author of these “reminders” and since Outlook took over my hotmail account, I always get 45 to 50 postmaster notices that these are undeliverable - for some unknown reason.
If this is the case for you, please take a moment and send me a quick e-mail to re-establish your e-mail and I will make every effort to make sure your e-mail address is corrected on one of the RTO 34 lists (I have 12 of these with up to 49 addresses on each).

Send your email address to:


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