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President’s Message

By Regine Baker

Virtually all of our District 34 members enjoy receiving their copies of the 34th Story every few months. Some like keeping track of former colleagues through the membership updates; some like the social events that we provide and some like the pictures and articles from members.

We are all very proud of our newsletter but it will be no surprise to you that publishing it is the most expensive of all our endeavours. We want very much to maintain its sleek, professional appearance and to continue to include everything that appeals to our readers. At the same time we also want to have space for more pictures and submissions from members. However, if the booklet gets much larger, both the publishing costs and the mailing costs will increase significantly.

With all of this in mind our Executive has discussed ways we can make the booklet more “efficient” without compromising its integrity.

Beginning with this issue you will find a new, generic Event Registration Form. Instead of having a separate form for each event, which takes up several pages, the generic version will be suitable for all events. Two copies of the form will be printed in each issue.  In this issue, there are three. They are on pages 25, 31 and 34. If you’d like to attend more than two events, additional copies of the form may be scanned, photocopied or downloaded from our website.  Hand-written versions will also be acceptable. The address of where each form is to be sent will be in the body of the event description.

For those who come to our events, we hope the transition to the new system is smooth.  For those who enjoy the photos and articles from members, happy reading.

We welcome comments on this change as well as any other suggestions you might have of ways we can improve our methods of operation in District 34.

Click here for a printable version of the registration form.


Volunteer Recognition

By Evelyn Lawrence

The motto of RTO/ERO is 'Service to Others '. Many of our District 34 members exemplify this motto by giving countless hours of their time and tireless efforts to the service of others in their local communities. One of those members was the late Bruce Shiga, a Past President of District 34. We were all saddened by the loss of Bruce so unexpectedly in 2010. He served as a model of service to others, not only on the District 34 executive, but in other capacities in his local community.

Again this year, in memory of Bruce, our executive will be pleased to recognize a number of our members who are dedicated to volunteer work. This recognition will come in the form of a certificate and inclusion in a feature article in a future newsletter.

To find the members to recognize and show them our appreciation for their service, we are asking for nominations. Any District 34 member may nominate another member. Some examples of volunteer service might include work at libraries, hospitals, schools, local service clubs or places of worship.

Just fill in the form provided and send it to:

Evelyn Lawrence,
7 Braid Bend,
by Thurs, Mar 19, 2015

The certificates will be presented at the Spring Luncheon in May and the recipients' names will be published in the September newsletter.

If there are any questions regarding this recognition or the nominating process, please contact Evelyn at: 905-642-5435

or by email at:

Successful nominees will be notified by mail by Tues, Apr 21, 2015.

Click here for the nomination form.