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President’s Message

By Regine Baker
The District 34 Executive is pleased to welcome George McKelvey as Treasurer, replacing Chris Van Straten who left in January for family reasons. George has been one of our financial reviewers in past years so understands our money matters well.

While reviewing the activities and events that we offer to our members, as our Executive does on a regular basis, we determined that we have been a bit light in events of a physical nature. Keeping in mind that we try to offer something for everyone and that our federal government is encouraging Canadians to become more physically active, we are looking for members who are willing to organize such activities. These could be one time occurrences or a series of events and could involve strenuous, moderate or mild effort from the participants. Suggestions include bowling, badminton, hiking, softball, dancing, aqua exercise and cycling but the possibilities are endless.


You are not required to be an expert in the activity you organize or even to be a participant. You need only be willing to find a suitable venue, be the contact person to receive registration payments and attend the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly. All events must be for District 34 members and their guests only and not open to the general public although public facilities or parts of them may be used.

The procedure for becoming an organizer is simple. Once you have checked into possible locations for the event and know rental costs, contact anyone on the Executive who will present the suggestion at the next Executive meeting. Once approval for the activity has been given you will be asked to book the venue and write a brief article about it for The 34th Story giving an enticing description and stating the date, time, place and cost. Our editor will help you with the standard registration form that we use for all our programmes. Bear in mind that articles for The 34th Story must be submitted about six weeks prior to its distribution and people also need time to submit their registrations for events so planning well ahead is essential.

Everyone on our Executive is friendly and approachable. If you want to bounce a suggestion off any of us before committing to anything, please feel free to do so.


Nothing Stays the Same

By Susan Leppington
The company that we have used for many years for our theatre outings and cruises is in the process of being sold. Consequently, we are unable to arrange trips to Shaw and Stratford this year. We have found another long-established reputable company, who has done their best to accommodate our group. Next year, our trips will be back on track. Please read the registration form for coach outings carefully, since provincial RTO's requirements have also changed to include a liability waiver.


Click here for a copy of the new waiver.





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